Tips To Buy Best Cheap Laptops and Notebooks

Tips To Buy Best Cheap Laptops(Notebooks) for Students - Never wrongly choose to buy a new notebook , important tips when buying a cheap notebook following quality is very suitable for those who lay the computer . Usually a common mistake is that a lay person or a user level buy a notebook or laptop computer store unaccompanied by people who know computers , so he can not dig more info about lots of suitable notebook or laptop that they would buy , he just listened to the info of the store sales that we know the info from the sales were not necessarily going to make us obtain a notebook that is suitable for our purposes .

Best Cheap Laptops for Students

Tips on Buying Good Cheap Notebook Based on my experience and the sharing of some friends who work in the electronic retail finally I have a few tips for you all if you plan to purchase notebook or laptop .


Following Important Tips when Buying Cheap Notebook Qualified it :

1 . Buy a notebook of the brand is already well known
Everyone knows a lot of computer manufacturers who flood the Indonesian market with their products , the tendency to set price famous brand of notebook or laptop they are a little more expensive than other brands , usually at a higher price will surely offer better quality as well .


2 . In terms of hardware to date have circulated a notebook that has Intel and AMD processors , Intel started from Intel Celeron , Intel Atom , Core i3 , Core i5 up to Core i7 is the latest . Obviously if you are going to buy this notebook you have to adapt to your computing needs , for example if the affair is rather heavy for such design , rendering the film I further recommend to choose a notebook with an Intel Core i5 at least , that of the processor . Even more hardware such as Video Graphics need to pay attention , and RAM . Both hardware that greatly affect the performance of notebook or laptop . Average circulating current RAM 2 GB start up even if there is a notebook or laptop that equip its notebooks with 1 GB of RAM but is very rarely

3 . Things you need to do before deciding to buy quality and cheap notebook and pay it at cashier..


- Check whether the cardboard wrapping of the notebook that you will buy it is smooth or dented , or no tape etc. .
- When the notebook is completely removed from the cardboard note keyboard keys are plastic covers and plastic LCD cover screen frame no trace has not been damaged or opened .

- Check the data of manufacture printed in the box if it’s same or not
- See also the serial number at the body and box if it’s same or not


- Turn on the notebook LCD screen and noticed it carefully..Pay attention if there is point or dot there
- Also check the wifi connectivity , bluetooth , etc if your notebook existing operating system .

After that just ask to the sales man/girl to write the receipt to pay
4 . Ask about the warranty is also important if at any time you notebook problematic , do not forget to ask the service center nearest your city , if there is no service center again you should consider choosing notebooks from other manufacturers in your city is no service center available.


5 . Equally important is to adjust it to your needs when buying notebooks , because notebook or laptop is very fast development. If you are only going to wear notebook internet or doing office work related to MS office you should not need to buy a laptop that has the quality to play games , but once again it all return to you all..

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